Eclipse Database Replication

UniVerse Database Replication


Eclipse HA

Data replication frequency: typically “real time”
Time to recovery: typically a few minutes

Eclipse customers that want “real time” replication can use UniVerse’s native replication functionality. The software is configured to capture writes to the database and replicate them to a secondary server while preserving the integrity of the database. Recovery is also quick, since the Eclipse software is already up and running on the secondary server. This solution is implemented and supported directly by the database vendor, Rocket Software, so please contact your account manager for more details.

How do I perform a manual rsync backup on Linux?

If your system is configured to perform an rsync backup as part of the standard snapshot script, simply run the following command:

at now -f /u2/UTILS/bin/

To schedule the backup at specific date and time, for example at 11PM today, change now to 23:00.

at 23:00 -f /u2/UTILS/bin/

This script will suspend your database, take snapshots of the database files and create a full tape backup. You will not see any output in your console session, because the script creates a separate log file under /tmp/snapsave.log.

If you have already created the snapshot filesystem, but you want to perform a separate manual tape backup:

 rsync  -avz --delete --stats /snap/u2/   /mnt/nas/rsync/

If there are no snapshots present, but no users are on the system and you want to perform a manual rsync backup:

 rsync  -avz --delete --stats /u2/   /mnt/nas/rsync/

How to use the at command
How to use rsync

How does ABS Failover work?

Epicor’s ABS Failover offering builds on the capabilities of our ABS Online Backup service to offer cost-effective Eclipse hosting in the event of a disaster.

There are a few requirements that must be met for the ABS Failover service to function:

  • Eclipse must be running on the Linux or Windows platforms
  • Broadband Internet connection for secure, offsite ABS Online Backup
  • Cisco-compatible WAN equipment for establishing connectivity to ABS Failover server(s)

In the event of a disaster, here is a general overview of the ABS Failover process:

  • Disaster causes customer’s primary Eclipse server(s) to go offline
  • Customer contacts Epicor Eclipse Systems Support team
  • Eclipse restores customer’s most recent ABS Online Backup to a set of failover servers
  • Customer connects to ABS Failover servers and continues business