Last updated for release 9.0.2.

Recommended System Requirements

Here are the recommended system requirements for a server running the Eclipse database and application software:

    • Operating System:
        • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, 64-bit required
    • CPU:
      • 1-250 users: 4 cores
      • 250-500 users: 8 cores
      • 500+ users: 12-16 cores. ((We recommend the latest-generation Intel Xeon E5 processors in a 2-socket configuration for optimal performance.))
    • RAM:
      • 100 MB per user or 25% database size (whichever is greater) ((The memory requirement is based on the need to cache database files in memory for traditional, slower hard disk storage. If you are using faster solid-state storage SSD, the actual memory requirements may be lower.))
    • Storage:
      • Capacity: 3 GB/user or 300% existing production database size (whichever is greater) ((Multiple Eclipse accounts or companion products such as PDW and MITS will require additional storage.))
      • Throughput: 10 IOPS/user peak usage ((A normal Eclipse OLTP workload pattern of 70% reads, 30% writes. We recommend the use of solid-state storage (SSD) wherever possible for increased performance and reliability.))

Minimum System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for running the Eclipse database and application server software. We recommend that these only be used for non-production servers, and we cannot guarantee technical support for systems that don’t meet our recommended requirements.

    • Operating System:
    • CPU:
      • Linux: any 64-bit x86-compatible CPU
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Storage: 20 GB for new customers or at least 100% existing database size