Support Policy

From theĀ Epicor Eclipse Support Policy:

Systems support is divided into three main teams: UNIX, Windows, and Wide-Area Networking. The Systems teams interact closely with each other due to the nature of many systems issues. At least one engineer from each of these three teams is always available, either during business hours or after-hours on an on-call basis for emergency services.

The goal of the Systems support team is to provide our customers with supplementary IT support, specifically focused on the hardware and software required to keep the core Eclipse application and any companion products up and running. The Systems support team works closely with a customer’s system administrator, and is not intended as a replacement for on-site IT staff, as the Systems team does not provide any of the services that an IT department provides (proactive system performance, error monitoring, availability or backup monitoring, server/desktop OS support, etc.).

Because of the Systems support team’s wide scope of knowledge, the team may offer IT services outside of contractual support obligations from time to time on a billable, case-by-case basis. Subsequent support of any billable project is also subject to additional charges.

All customers with a current Eclipse Software Support contract are eligible to receive next-level support from the Eclipse Systems Support team for issues relating to the functionality of software products developed by Eclipse. Third-party software and/or hardware support is not included in the Eclipse Software Support offering, but the Systems Support team will often make a concerted effort to triage the issue and direct the customer to the most appropriate channel for next-level support, which is often the third-party software or hardware vendor.

The Eclipse support teams will only provide hardware and operating system support to customers with active support or maintenance agreements in place with the appropriate vendors. These support agreements are required for both maintaining the recommended software level and for providing an escalation path in the event of critical issues.

Additional services are usually available for a fee, and are often based on the availability of resources. Services rendered as part of a flat- or variable-fee billable Services engagement expire upon the completion and delivery of the project. Subsequent support of software and/or hardware implemented as part of a billable Services engagement will also be billable at the prevailing rate, subject to the availability of resources.

For security reasons, the Eclipse Support team will only accept support requests from authorized customer contacts. The Eclipse Support team cannot add new contacts to a customer account. To facilitate faster response and resolution times, we ask that all Systems-related support requests be funneled through a single IT contact.

For additional information or questions relating to your specific Eclipse Software Support policy, please contact your inside sales representative or submit an iSupport request.