Eclipse Database Replication

UniVerse Database Replication


Eclipse HA

Data replication frequency: typically “real time”
Time to recovery: typically a few minutes

Eclipse customers that want “real time” replication can use UniVerse’s native replication functionality. The software is configured to capture writes to the database and replicate them to a secondary server while preserving the integrity of the database. Recovery is also quick, since the Eclipse software is already up and running on the secondary server. This solution is implemented and supported directly by the database vendor, Rocket Software, so please contact your account manager for more details.

How do I manage UniVerse print spooler?

To administer print jobs in UniVerse spooler, first log into the server as root and run the following commands:

Displays the spooler status of all printers.


To reload/refresh the spooler configuration file

 usa -R

To manually start the spooler

cd /u2/uv
bin/usd /usr/spool/uv -t 

Resets the print spooler for this specific printer.

usa +o -p lp# 

Displays the spooler status only for the specified printer.

usa -p lp# 

Displays all active print jobs.

usa -A 

Stops printing current job for the specified printer.

usa -b -p lp# 

Restarts current job for the specified printer.

usa -c -p lp# 

Cancels a specified job in the UniVerse spooler.

usm -k job# 

Cancels all print jobs from a specified UniVerse spooler.

usm -k -p lp#