Urgency Levels

The iSupport urgency levels are described in detail in the Eclipse Support Policy Guide. For each urgency level, Eclipse Support has establish goals with regards to how soon you should expect an initial response — not necessarily resolution — for each service request. For quick reference, use the table below:

iSupport Urgency Eclipse Initial Response Goal Definition
P0 Within 1 hour Business critical issue. No work-around exists and business cannot continue until the issue has been addressed.

Example: server down.

P1 Within 1-4 hours A business critical issue. No work around exists.  An issue that you cannot wait until a future release for resolution. Issue may affect multiple users.

Example: faxing or printing is down.

P2 Within 4-8 hours Non-business critical issue. A work around does exist. Issue may affect one to many users.

Example: backup is not completing properly, poor system performance.

P3 Within 24 hours Low-priority issues, general questions or feature requests.

Examples: general administration tasks, questions about operating system commands.