Where can I download Solar Client Release 90x?

You may download the Solar Client Release 90x at website below:


  1. Click on the download link for Solar online installer to begin the download.
  2. If prompted to open or save the file, choose save, and select a folder on your hard disk (such as “My Downloads”).
  3. After the download is complete, press the Win+R keys to open the Run window, and click on Browse to locate the file you have just downloaded, and run the file to begin the installation.
  4. The installation program will prompt you to enter  the server name/IP address and port (for example: – leave the name for this account blank. Click “Next” to accept all default settings and finish the install.
  5. That’s it, the Solar Client software is ready for use! To run the program, use the icon/shortcut created by the installation program for you .