Outbound Email

What is Outbound Email?

Outbound E-mail is a companion product that allows you to e-mail paperwork rather than only printing or faxing. For more details, see the Outbound Email User’s Guide.

System Requirements

In addition to the companion product licenses, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The IP address(es) or hostname of an SMTP server configured to allow relay of any messages send from the Eclipse servers ((Authentication (SMTP AUTH) and secure communications (SSL or STARTTLS) are¬†only¬†supported on the Linux platform. If your Eclipse database server is running AIX or Windows, you must provide an SMTP relay server that works without authentication or SSL/TLS.))
  • Valid Email account: mailbox to send email from
  • The IP address(es) of your DNS server(s)
  • The domain (i.e. customername.net)

Support Policy

The Eclipse Systems team’s support for Outbound Email is limited in scope to the capability of Eclipse to relay a message via your database server’s MTA (i.e. sendmail, postfix, blat).

If you subscribe to a Technical Support package, the Systems team will also validate that the database server is properly configured to relay mail to your SMTP server and can resolve DNS queries. If you continue to experience issues, they can provide server and email logs that are useful when you follow-up with your email service provider.