Linux Technical Support

Linux Technical Support is a subscription-based, comprehensive suite of services from Epicor that includes proactive monitoring as well as backup, database, hardware, operating system and Eclipse outbound e-mail administration for Linux-based operating systems.

Linux Technical Support services include such benefits as:

  • Monitor hardware environment and provide optional alerts for critical issues
  • Assist with connectivity issues with the server
  • Diagnose system / operating system performance issues
  • Assist in adding and maintaining printers and troubleshooting printer problems
  • Apply operating system updates and system file maintenance
  • And much more

Linux Technical Support removes the time your organization spends on system administration functions, enabling you and your staff to focus on what matters most to your business – taking care of your customers and improving your bottom line. For more information about Epicor Linux Technical Support or to receive a quote, please e-mail or call us at 1-800-776-7438, press 2.

Epicor’s Linux experts are available from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday (not including holidays) for all customers with this subscription-based service. In addition, 24×7 emergency service is available under our standard, billable after-hours policy.

Standard Eclipse Software Support Technical Support for Linux
Eclipse Support Included Included
UniVerse Support Troubleshooting
UniVerse upgrades (business hours)
Database troubleshooting
UniVerse upgrades (business hours)
License changes (business hours)
Database tuning
Proactive Monitoring Disk usage alerts
Hardware error alerts (for physical servers only)
Performance alerts
Print queue alerts
Fax queue alerts
Backup Administration LVM snapshot troubleshooting
EVault troubleshooting
Dell tape backup troubleshooting
Operating System Administration Installation of software updates (business hours only)
Troubleshooting OS errors
Vendor support case management
Storage Administration File system expansion
Email Administration Configuration of postfix for relay
Troubleshooting postfix
Hardware Administration For Eclipse-certified hardware (see below):
Hardware troubleshooting
Disk maintenance
Vendor support case management

For more details, see this document.

The following is a current list of certified hardware and software for the Linux platform:

Operating Systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 and above
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 and above
Servers Dell PowerEdge
Tape Drives Dell Internal/External Tape Drives
Tandberg External Tape Drives
External Storage Dell RD1000 (and similar RDX drives)
Internal Storage Dell Hot-Plug Drives (SATA, SAS, SSD)
Fusion-io ioDrive PCIe SSD
Dell PERC Storage Controllers
Fax Software VSI-FAX 6.1
Backup Software CrashPlan (for ABS Online Backup customers)
tar (Linux tape backups)
Email Servers postfix
Remote Access Eclipse Support Access Router VPN Appliance
Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC)


Q: Why do I have to pay for Linux Technical Support?
A: We have traditionally offered free technical support for 3rd party software and hardware for Eclipse customers on a “best effort” basis, but increases in the volume of support requests have forced the company to start charging for these services. By establishing a clear support policy and charging a reasonable fee for these services, the Systems team can deliver focused technical support for issues surrounding the Eclipse platform in a manner not previously possible.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to Linux Technical Support?
No, it is an optional service. You have several options:

  • You can administer your own server with the help of the public documentation included in this knowledge base
  • You can outsource the administration to a local Linux consultant
  • You can pay Epicor by the hour for Linux support on a case-by-case basis, whenever you need it
  • You can sign up for Linux Technical Support from Epicor at a fixed, annual rate with no obligation for renewal

Q: How do I differentiate between which services are covered by “Eclipse Software Maintenance” or “Technical Support for Linux”?
A: “Eclipse Software Maintenance” (aka Eclipse Support) covers application support and development costs, but it does not fund the technical support teams. This includes software components written by Epicor, for which Epicor is the originating support vendor. “Technical Support for Linux” provides additional coverage for 3rd party (non-Eclipse) software, hardware components and important system administration tasks.

Q: If software updates are included in my subscription, why won’t you perform an after-hours update for me?
A: Assistance with installing software and firmware updates is included, but the subscription only covers work done during business hours. If you would like assistance during business hours, and can set aside a maintenance window of about an hour of Eclipse downtime, the team can install the updates, reboot, and test your server.

Q: What is specifically monitored on my Linux server?
A: The alert scripts run hourly during business hours, checking for the following items, and emailing the Linux Technical Support team to create an SR if otherwise:

  • Disk space: any filesystem >90% full
  • Hardware errors: /var/log/mcelog is monitored for hardware errors
  • System load: if the overall system load is >5
  • Print queues: attempts to enable any print queues that are down, and alerts if a queue remains down
  • Fax server: verifies that the VSI-FAX server process is running and restarts it if otherwise, and verifies that the overall number of the faxes in the queue doesn’t exceed a certain threshold (default 75 waiting faxes)

Q: If I’m running a virtual server, what does Linux Technical Support cover?
A: Linux Technical Support will still cover the items listed above, but it does not provide technical support for the hypervisor (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V), nor do we monitor or support hardware on the virtual host server. For more information, please see our virtualization support policy.

Q: Does Linux Technical Support cover server migrations?
A: No. We provide the technical support services listed above to keep an existing server up and running. If you’d like assistance configuring and/or migrating your Eclipse software to a new server, please contact your account manager for a services quote.