Due to the rapidly changing nature of the hardware and software industry, this list is subject to change without warning. We recommend checking this page often for the most up-to-date information.

Fax Software

The following versions of fax server software are currently supported by Eclipse:

If you are on an older version of VSIFAX (How do I determine which version of VSIFAX is installed?) you may be eligible for a no-cost upgrade during business hours. Please submit a service request for more details and to schedule an upgrade.

Fax on Demand

Eclipse highly recommends Esker’s Internet-based Fax on Demand service for all customers concerned with reliable faxing from Eclipse.

Fax Hardware

If you are purchasing a new fax modem, Esker recommends the following fax modems

If you are using multiple USB fax modems with a standalone Linux server, Esker recommends the following USB hub:

The following fax modems are no longer sold or recommended, but they will still be supported for customers that already have the hardware and aren’t experiencing fax quality or reliability issues:

  • MultiTech MT5634ZBA Serial
  • MultiTech MT5634ZBA-USB ((This USB modem has been discontinued, but it is still available from some online vendors. It is certified for use with Linux only, not AIX. While the model numbers are similar, this is not the same modem as the newer MT5634ZBA-USB-V92 model, which is not certified for use with VSI-FAX on Linux.))
  • MultiTech MT9234ZBA Serial
  • Digi PortServer TS
    • Digi PortServer TS 4-port (P/N 70002045)
    • Digi Digi TS DB-25M Modem Adapter (4-pack) (P/N 76000700)

If you are using older fax hardware, you may experience garbled or compressed faxes. If you would like to upgrade your fax hardware please contact your sales representative for a quote.

For more information, see Esker’s Recommended Fax Hardware list.