The Eclipse Systems team has certified the following tools for backups of the Eclipse infrastructure.

Supported Backup Methods

  • ABS
  • Disk
  • Tape

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Please contact your inside sales representative for more information and pricing. RTO and RPO are dependent upon a number of factors, including the amount of data being backed up and available bandwidth.

Other Backup Methods

For Eclipse customers wishing to use an alternate, non-supported backup method, here are a few guidelines:

  • All backup support (i.e. installation, configuration, monitoring and file restores) will be the responsibility of the customer. All service requests related to non-supported backup software will be billable.
  • The Eclipse database backup is not “valid” unless the database is suspended and/or there is absolutely no activity taking place.
  • Storage-level (i.e. LVM, filesystem, SAN) snapshots can be combined with database suspension to provide a “valid” backup source for active servers.
  • The backup job should include theĀ important Eclipse data files.