There are many scanners available on the market today that work with Eclipse Manifest Processing and Document Indexer. While we avoid recommending any one scanner over another, customers looking for scanners for use with Manifest Processor or Document Indexer to attach barcoded images to Solar/Eterm must purchase a scanner that meets the following requirements:

  • Image file type: .tif or .mtif
  • Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Color: black and white
  • Fax compression: 3 or 4 (aka CCITT compression)
  • Ability to scan directly to a file in a specified folder on the workstation or a network file share. Some scanners only have the capability to send a file via email, and do not create the required file in this folder.

The above requirements only apply to customers attaching barcoded images to Eclipse.  Document Indexer, or the drag and drop method, can attach any image type to eclipse (.pdf, .docx, .xls, .txt, .jpg, .bmp, etc..).  However, in order to attach barcoded images, we require a scanner that creates crisp clear images using the above requirements.