How does ABS Failover work?

Epicor’s ABS Failover offering builds on the capabilities of our ABS Online Backup service to offer cost-effective Eclipse hosting in the event of a disaster.

There are a few requirements that must be met for the ABS Failover service to function:

  • Eclipse must be running on the Linux or Windows platforms
  • Broadband Internet connection for secure, offsite ABS Online Backup
  • Cisco-compatible WAN equipment for establishing connectivity to ABS Failover server(s)

In the event of a disaster, here is a general overview of the ABS Failover process:

  • Disaster causes customer’s primary Eclipse server(s) to go offline
  • Customer contacts Epicor Eclipse Systems Support team
  • Eclipse restores customer’s most recent ABS Online Backup to a set of failover servers
  • Customer connects to ABS Failover servers and continues business