How do I check for duplicate IP addresses in Linux?

Linux doesn’t do an active monitoring or reporting of duplicate ip, after the interface is initialized. To check for duplicate IP addresses in Linux:

Log into your server via console and from the command line run

arping -D -q -I eth0 -c 2 ; echo $?

If the above commands return 0, then no one responded to your arp request and therefore no one else is using your IP address.


What TCP and UDP ports should I allow for Eclipse services?

ServicePort(s) (Protocol)Traffic BetweenRequired/OptionalRequired for support
CUPS Web Admin631 (TCP/UDP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
Eclipse Reports2180Application server and clientsRequired NO
Formscape24500,24510 (TCP)Print Server- Push Forms to site and Access to Formscape Browser AdminRequiredYES
FTP20-21 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
HTTP80 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalOptional
RSYNC873 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
Samba/Windows file sharing135, 139, 445 (TCP), 137, 138 (UDP)Database server and Forms/Imaging server(s)RequiredNO
SMTP25 (TCP)Database server and Forms serverOptionalNO
SOCKET.PH.SERVER22222 (TCP), 50000-60000 (TCP)Database server and application, IGATE serversRequiredYES
SOCKET.PH.SERVER1024-2000 (TCP)Database server and IGATERequiredNO
Solar2080, 2443 (TCP)Application server and clientsRequiredYES
SOLAR.J2EE.CONNECTION30000-60000 (TCP)Database server and application serverRequiredNO
SSH22 (TCP)Eterm client and for system administrationRequiredYES
Telnet23 (TCP)Database server and RF Gun clientRequiredYES
VSI-FAX2539, 2996 (TCP)Database server and Forms serverRequiredNO