How do I check for duplicate IP addresses in Linux?

Linux doesn’t do an active monitoring or reporting of duplicate ip, after the interface is initialized. To check for duplicate IP addresses in Linux:

Log into your server via console and from the command line run

arping -D -q -I eth0 -c 2 ; echo $?

If the above commands return 0, then no one responded to your arp request and therefore no one else is using your IP address.


I am concerned about being PCI Compliant who can I speak to?

Element Payment Services, Inc. ( and Epicor have partnered in order to make sure customers are PCI compliant.  Leveraging Element’s Hosted Payments solution, users of the Eclipse software package can continue to offer their customers secure credit card processing without incurring annual costs associated with maintaining PA-DSS compliance.

If you have any questions around this it is recommended that you contact inside sales or open a service request.  You can open a service request online with systems support at