What TCP and UDP ports should I allow for Eclipse services?

ServicePort(s) (Protocol)Traffic BetweenRequired/OptionalRequired for support
CUPS Web Admin631 (TCP/UDP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
Eclipse Reports2180Application server and clientsRequired NO
Formscape24500,24510 (TCP)Print Server- Push Forms to site and Access to Formscape Browser AdminRequiredYES
FTP20-21 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
HTTP80 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalOptional
RSYNC873 (TCP)Database server and clientsOptionalNO
Samba/Windows file sharing135, 139, 445 (TCP), 137, 138 (UDP)Database server and Forms/Imaging server(s)RequiredNO
SMTP25 (TCP)Database server and Forms serverOptionalNO
SOCKET.PH.SERVER22222 (TCP), 50000-60000 (TCP)Database server and application, IGATE serversRequiredYES
SOCKET.PH.SERVER1024-2000 (TCP)Database server and IGATERequiredNO
Solar2080, 2443 (TCP)Application server and clientsRequiredYES
SOLAR.J2EE.CONNECTION30000-60000 (TCP)Database server and application serverRequiredNO
SSH22 (TCP)Eterm client and for system administrationRequiredYES
Telnet23 (TCP)Database server and RF Gun clientRequiredYES
VSI-FAX2539, 2996 (TCP)Database server and Forms serverRequiredNO