How do I configure/Change IP address on AIX System

To configure/change the IP address you must be logged as a root user.

Gather your network configuration information:
– IP address
– Host name
– Domain Name
– Subnetmask (optional)
– Name server (optional)
– Gateway address (optional)

On the command line,type the command:

smitty mktcpip

When prompted chose the Network interface you plan to use.

Available Network Interfaces                  
Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.                        
en0   03-08   Standard Ethernet Network Interface                 
en1   03-09   Standard Ethernet Network Interface                 
et0   03-08   IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Network Interface               
et1   03-09   IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Network Interface               

F1=Help                 F2=Refresh              F3=Cancel           
Esc+8=Image             Esc+0=Exit              Enter=Do            
/=Find                  n=Find Next

After you fill in the fields with the network information that you have collected, hit ENTER.

                        Minimum Configuration & Startup                       
 To Delete existing configuration data, please use Further Configuration menus
Type or select values in entry fields.                                        
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.                                 

[TOP]                                                   [Entry Fields]
* HOSTNAME                                        [eclipse]
* Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal)     []
   Network MASK (dotted decimal)          []
* Network INTERFACE                              en0 
           Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal) []                       
           DOMAIN Name                               []                       
 Default Gateway                                                             
  Address (dotted decimal or symbolic name) []            
       Cost                                          [0]                      
       Do Active Dead Gateway Detection?     no

The tool runs the mktcpip command in the background and makes the network available. Done!

How do I allow more than 10 telnet sessions from an IP on Linux?

By default, RHEL limits the number of telnet connections from a single host to 10 simultaneous sessions. This is a security feature, but can be a problem in thin-client environments where many legitimate users connect from the same source IP address. To raise the limit:

  • Open the /etc/xinetd.conf file for editing
vim /etc/xinetd.conf
  • Find the line containing the “per_source” value
  • Increase the integer from 10 to an appropriately-sized value for your environment
  • Save the configuration file
  • Reload xinetd
service xinetd reload

How do I set the IP address on my Linux server?

To set the IP address via the GUI:

To set the IP address via the command line:

Set the default gateway:

vim /etc/sysconfig/network

Change the GATEWAY line, save and quit

Set the IP address and network mask:

vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Change the IPADDR, GATEWAY and NETMASK lines, save and quit


Can I setup load balancing and failover on my Linux server’s network interfaces?

Yes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports a number of different load balancing and failover methods. For more details, see What network bonding modes are available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?

For instructions on configuring bonding in the most common round-robin configuration: