How do I configure/Change IP address on AIX System

To configure/change the IP address you must be logged as a root user.

Gather your network configuration information:
– IP address
– Host name
– Domain Name
– Subnetmask (optional)
– Name server (optional)
– Gateway address (optional)

On the command line,type the command:

smitty mktcpip

When prompted chose the Network interface you plan to use.

Available Network Interfaces                  
Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.                        
en0   03-08   Standard Ethernet Network Interface                 
en1   03-09   Standard Ethernet Network Interface                 
et0   03-08   IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Network Interface               
et1   03-09   IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Network Interface               

F1=Help                 F2=Refresh              F3=Cancel           
Esc+8=Image             Esc+0=Exit              Enter=Do            
/=Find                  n=Find Next

After you fill in the fields with the network information that you have collected, hit ENTER.

                        Minimum Configuration & Startup                       
 To Delete existing configuration data, please use Further Configuration menus
Type or select values in entry fields.                                        
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.                                 

[TOP]                                                   [Entry Fields]
* HOSTNAME                                        [eclipse]
* Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal)     []
   Network MASK (dotted decimal)          []
* Network INTERFACE                              en0 
           Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal) []                       
           DOMAIN Name                               []                       
 Default Gateway                                                             
  Address (dotted decimal or symbolic name) []            
       Cost                                          [0]                      
       Do Active Dead Gateway Detection?     no

The tool runs the mktcpip command in the background and makes the network available. Done!