How do I change a printer’s IP address in AIX?

The mappings of IP addresses to “lp” names are contained in the /etc/hosts configuration file. To change the IP address:

    Log into your server as root user via Eterm or PuTTY
    Edit the /etc/hosts file using vi:
vi /etc/hosts
    Locate the entry for the printer(s) you wish to change
    Make the change
    Save the file and quit

Fix AIX Time Zone Discrepancies

If the time on your AIX server is behaving strangely (ex. “date” and “uptime” output do not match), you may be able to fix the issue by re-configuring the time zone:

Launch SMIT:

smit chtz_user

Verify that your system is using the standard time zone settings. For example, the standard settings for Eastern time:

Standard Time ID(only alphabets)                   [EST]               
* Standard Time Offset from CUT([+|-]HH:MM:SS)     [5]               
  Day Light Savings Time ID(only alphabets)        [EDT]

Press ENTER to apply the changes, and verify that the times are now correct. You may need to reboot your AIX server to apply the changes to all processes.

Installing Memory in an IBM p520 or p52a Server

Reminder: always follow our best practices when performing any system maintenance.

For detailed instructions and videos covering the entire memory installation procedure, please see IBM’s website: Install model 285 or 52x memory modules

Installation rules:

  • If your server does not have ports P1-T3 and P1-T4 on the back, install the memory in the following order:
    • The first memory module pair is placed into memory module slots C9 and C16.
    • The second memory module pair is placed into memory module slots C11 and C14.
    • The third memory module pair is placed into memory module slots C10 and C15.
    • The fourth memory module pair is placed into memory module slots C12 and C13.
  • If your server has ports P1-T3 and P1-T4 on the back, install the memory in the following order:
    • The first quad of memory modules is placed into memory module slots C9, C11, C14, and C16.
    • The second quad of memory modules is plugged into memory module slots C10, C12, C13, and C15.

If you encounter any issues while performing the upgrade, please contact IBM hardware support.

Why do I need to upgrade from AIX 5.3 or below?

IBM has announced that it will discontinue support for AIX 5.3 as of 4/30/12. IBM has previously stopped supporting all prior versions of AIX (5.2, 5.1, 4.3, etc.).

Our policy is to certify our software with the current version (AIX 7.1) and one previous version (AIX 6.1) of each applicable software product. This guarantees our customers plenty of time to upgrade software and hardware to keep their system up to date. For example, AIX 6.1 has been certified for Eclipse and supported by IBM since 2007, and AIX 5.3 had a lifespan of 8 years between 2004 and 2012.

Per this policy, Eclipse discontinued support for AIX 5.3 as of release 8.7.2 (see our database requirements for more details).

If you have any questions about your server’s OS level, or if you would like to discuss upgrade or migration paths, please open a service request or contact your sales representative.

Customers who wish to remain on an unsupported OS platform do so at their own risk, as neither IBM nor Eclipse will be able to provide technical support services for servers running unsupported OS levels. To receive technical support from the Eclipse Systems team, customers must have an active support contract in place with their hardware and software vendors. Additionally, customers on unsupported OS versions will be unable to upgrade to new versions of the Eclipse software.

How do I view my AIX server configuration?

To view basic hardware and configuration details for your AIX server, shell out as root and type:


Press [SPACE] to proceed, page by page.

Here’s an example:

System Model: IBM,9131-52A
Machine Serial Number: 104XXXX
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER5
Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 5
Processor Version: PV_5_3
Number Of Processors: 4
Processor Clock Speed: 1648 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
LPAR Info: 1 typhoon
Memory Size: 7952 MB
Good Memory Size: 7952 MB
Platform Firmware level: SF240_320
Firmware Version: IBM,SF240_320
Console Login: enable
Auto Restart: true
Full Core: false