How do I create a mksysb DVD backup on AIX?


smit mkdvd

When prompted to “Use an existing mksysb image?” choose “No”

When prompted for “DVD backup media format?” choose “1 ISO9660 (CD format)”.

Choose the following options:

                         Back Up This System to ISO9660 DVD

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

                                                        [Entry Fields]
  DVD-R or DVD-RAM Device                            []                           +

  mksysb creation options:
   Create map files?                                  yes                         +
   Exclude files?                                     yes                         +
  Disable software packing of backup?                 no                          +
  Backup extended attributes?                         yes                         +

  File system to store mksysb image                  [/u2/mksysb]                            /
     (If blank, the file system
       will be created for you.)

  File system to store DVD file structure            []                            /
     (If blank, the file system
       will be created for you.)

  File system to store final DVD images              []                            /
     (If blank, the file system
       will be created for you.)

  If file systems are being created:
    Volume Group for created file systems            [datavg]                     +

  Advanced Customization Options:
  Do you want the DVD to be bootable?                 yes                         +
  Remove final images after creating DVD?             no                          +
  Create the DVD now?                                 no                          +
  Install bundle file                                []                            /
  File with list of packages to copy to DVD          []                            /
  Location of packages to copy to DVD                []                           +/
  Customization script                               []                            /
  User supplied file                    []                            /
  Debug output?                                       no                          +
  User supplied file                      []                            /

Press Enter to begin the system backup creation when you finish making selections. When the operation completes successfully, there is a file or files located in the /mkcd/cd_images directory.

Transfer the file to a workstation with DVD burner. You may transfer it via any method of your choosing (i.e. FTP, moving it to a samba share, etc.).

Create a bootable DVD from the ISO backup image using your DVD-burning software.





How do I create a mksysb tape backup on AIX?

These instructions are for AIX 7.1. If you are on AIX 6.1, the steps will be similar. If you are on a previous version of AIX, you should upgrade as soon as possible.

Use Eterm, the local console or HMC to log into the server as root.

At the root command prompt (#), run:

smit mksysb

At the “Back Up This System” screen, press ESC-4 or F4 to change the highlighted fields:

* Backup DEVICE or FILE                              [/dev/rmt0]
  Create MAP files?                                   no
  EXCLUDE files?                                      yes
  List files as they are backed up?                   no 
  Verify readability if tape device?                  no 
  Generate new / file?                      yes
  EXPAND /tmp if needed?                              yes
  Disable software packing of backup?                 yes
  Backup extended attributes?                         yes
  Number of BLOCKS to write in a single output       []  
     (Leave blank to use a system default)
  Location of existing mksysb image                  []
  File system to use for temporary work space        []  
     (If blank, /tmp will be used.)
  Back up encrypted files?                            yes
  Back up DMAPI filesystem files?                     yes

When the fields have been correctly set, press Enter to begin the backup.

A progress indicator will indicate when the backup is running, and when it has completed, you will receive either an OK or Failed completion status message.

After creating the mksysb, you should verify the tape. The verification consists of reading the information stored on the tape back into the system.

Verifying the mksysb Tape – AIX

To verify the mksysb tape:

1. At the command prompt (#), enter the following command:
# smit lsmksysb

2. Leave the tape in the drive and press Esc-4 to select the device name in the second field on this screen.

The default for this field is /dev/rmt0.
If your primary tape drive is another device, press Esc-4 to select the name in this field.

Leave all other fields at their default values

The verification process begins.
You can let it run to completion or stop it by using Ctrl-C. It will take quite a while to stop, so be patient. If you stop the verification it will eventually give you an error message of “failed,” which in this case only means that you stopped the verification.
An “OK” in the upper left corner of the screen indicates a successful readback.

3. Press Esc-3 until you are back at the # prompt to get out of mksysb process.

4. Eject your mksysb tape.