Verifying the mksysb Tape – AIX

To verify the mksysb tape:

1. At the command prompt (#), enter the following command:
# smit lsmksysb

2. Leave the tape in the drive and press Esc-4 to select the device name in the second field on this screen.

The default for this field is /dev/rmt0.
If your primary tape drive is another device, press Esc-4 to select the name in this field.

Leave all other fields at their default values

The verification process begins.
You can let it run to completion or stop it by using Ctrl-C. It will take quite a while to stop, so be patient. If you stop the verification it will eventually give you an error message of “failed,” which in this case only means that you stopped the verification.
An “OK” in the upper left corner of the screen indicates a successful readback.

3. Press Esc-3 until you are back at the # prompt to get out of mksysb process.

4. Eject your mksysb tape.

2 thoughts on “Verifying the mksysb Tape – AIX”

  1. What about the:

    Number of BLOCKS to read in a single input (Leave blank to use a system default)


    Verify BLOCK size if tape device? y/n


    1. Brady, you do not need to change the Number of BLOCKS. Leave it blank to use the system default BLOCK size.

      Eclipse support

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