How do I check my fax failure rate?

First, run the following command to list the result of each fax attempt:

vfxolog -d | egrep -v "^Req|QUEUED|SNDING" | awk '{print $9}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn

Here’s output from an example system experiencing issues with fax reliability:

root@eclipse ~]# vfxolog -d | egrep -v "^Req|QUEUED|SNDING" | awk '{print $9}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
    489 NORMAL
    100 LINDRP
     86 TMEOUT
     83 BUSY
     31 NOTFAX
      4 CANCEL

Each stats code means something different, but for the purposes of this investigation we care mostly about the good status (NORMAL) vs. the bad status (LINDRP and TMEOUT).

To calculate the fax failure percentage: (LINDRP + TMEOUT) / (LINDRP + TMEOUT + NORMAL).

How do I disable RHN emails?

To disable daily summary and errata emails from Red Hat Network:

Further resources:

How Do I Change the Time on a Linux Server?

The command date -s <date or time string> will set the system time and/or date. Where <date or time string> should be enclosed in double-quotes (“) and describe the date and/or time that you would like to set.

For example:
date -s “31 OCT 2011 13:55:00”
This command needs to be run as root in order for it to work.

Example to set just the time:
date +%T -s 07:54:00

You can also use the plain date command to display the current system date and time.
Note, you must restart the system admin in order the system time change to be reflected in Eclipse.

How do I run diagnostics on my Tandberg tape drive?

If the Tandberg TDtool diagnostic application is not yet installed, download and extract it to a temporary directory:

mkdir -p /esupport/tandberg && cd /esupport/tandberg
tar xzvf tdtoollinux64.tar.gz

To run the diagnostics, first log in to a graphical session (via VNC, DRAC or locally at the console).

Launch a terminal, and then launch the diagnostics:

cd /esupport/tandberg

From within the diagnostic tool, verify the your tape drive’s information appears correctly, as shown in the example below:

To run a test backup, select Tape IO Test. For a complete test, enter an amount of data close to the size of the your database.

For additional information, please see Tandberg’s website: Tandberg Support Tools