Fix AIX Time Zone Discrepancies

If the time on your AIX server is behaving strangely (ex. “date” and “uptime” output do not match), you may be able to fix the issue by re-configuring the time zone:

Launch SMIT:

smit chtz_user

Verify that your system is using the standard time zone settings. For example, the standard settings for Eastern time:

Standard Time ID(only alphabets)                   [EST]               
* Standard Time Offset from CUT([+|-]HH:MM:SS)     [5]               
  Day Light Savings Time ID(only alphabets)        [EDT]

Press ENTER to apply the changes, and verify that the times are now correct. You may need to reboot your AIX server to apply the changes to all processes.

How Do I Change the Time on a Linux Server?

The command date -s <date or time string> will set the system time and/or date. Where <date or time string> should be enclosed in double-quotes (“) and describe the date and/or time that you would like to set.

For example:
date -s “31 OCT 2011 13:55:00”
This command needs to be run as root in order for it to work.

Example to set just the time:
date +%T -s 07:54:00

You can also use the plain date command to display the current system date and time.
Note, you must restart the system admin in order the system time change to be reflected in Eclipse.