How do I view or reset the attention indicator on my IBM AIX server?

The attention indicator (amber LED) is lit on an IBM AIX server to notify the administrator of potential problems. Once you have verified that no problems exist through running diagnostics or analysis of the errpt, you may reset this indicator.

To disable the attention indicator on your IBM AIX server:

  • Log into the server as root via Eterm (telnet), PuTTY (telnet, ssh), the HMC or the local console.
  • Launch diagnostics:
  • Press ENTER to continue
  • Select Task Selection
  • Select Identify and Attention Indicators
  • Select¬†Set System Attention Indicator to NORMAL
  • Press ESC-7 or F7
  • Press ESC-0 to exit

For assistance with running diagnostics, or to answer any questions regarding your IBM server, you may contact IBM directly.