How do I configure an IBM dumb terminal?

NOTE: The IBM 3151 or 3153 dumb terminals are end-of-life and therefore not supported by IBM or Eclipse. If you need a terminal for your server, please see Where can I buy an IBM dumb terminal for my IBM pSeries server?

How to configure an IBM 3151 or 3153 dumb terminal (aka console):

  • Press Control-“-“ (the minus key) to get to the setup screen
  • Verify the following settings:
  • Emulation = Wyse 50+
  • Enhanced = on
  • Comm Mode = Full duplex
  • Host/Printer = EIA/None
  • EIA Baud Rate = 19200 (9600 for older servers)
  • AUX Baud Rate = same as EIA
  • Language = US
  • EIA Data Format = 8/1/N
  • Aux Data Format = 8/1/N
  • Sessions = One
  • To save the settings and exit, press Control-“-“ (the minus key)

Note: the keys pressed must be the control in the lower-left part of the keyboard and the minus sign in the upper-right (numeric keypad).  If CONTROL-MINUS does not work, try CONTROL-SETUP or CONTROL-SCROLL-LOCK.  To navigate around, use the arrow key.  The space bar will present a list of options.