How do I perform a manual ABS CrashPlan backup?

View a step-by-step screencast of this process:
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  • Stop the CrashPlan service:
service crashplan stop
  • Run the snapshot backup script to create new snapshots of the Eclipse filesystems
  • Start the CrashPlan service:
service crashplan start
  • To verify the back is running, log into the server’s GUI as root using VNC, DRAC or the local console
  • Use the CrashPlanDesktop shortcut, or press to open the run dialog box and run the command:
  • If the backup is not currently running, click “Play” button next to the backup job to manually start the backup job.
  • If the backup button is grayed out because the backup service is not currently scheduled to operate, you’ll need to temporary change the schedule to “Always” in the CrashPlan settings menu.