How do I verify the amount of data being backed up by CrashPlan?

Launch the CrashPlan desktop client and open the History tab. Scroll down and look for the most recent the “Completed backup” entries. Here’s an example:

I 09/29/10 03:17PM Completed backup to ABS Online Backup in 12.2 hours: 21,565 files (77.92 GB) backed up, 2.19 GB encrypted and sent @ 15.90 KB/s (Effective rate: 7025.81 KB/s)

In this example:

  • The backup completed at 3:17 PM on 9/29/10
  • The backup destination was “ABS Online Backup”
  • The backup process took 12.2 hours
  • There were 21,565 files backed up which had a total size of 77.92 GB
  • There was 2.19 GB of change data compressed, encrypted and sent to the backup destination
  • The average “real” transfer rate was 15.9 KB/s
  • The average “effective” transfer rate was 7025.81 KB/s

For more detailed information, see the CrashPlan PRO documentation.