How do I gather CrashPlan logs?

View a step-by-step screencast of this process:

Before contacting CrashPlan for support, please gather the CrashPlan PRO client backup logs:

  • (Optional) Launch the CrashPlanDesktop client
  • (Optional) Double-click the CrashPlan logo in the upper right corner
  • (Optional) At the prompt that appears along the bottom of the screen, type “dump all” and hit Enter
  • Open a terminal session to the server and run the following commands to create an archive of the CrashPlan client logs. In this example, we’ll name the archive “crashplan_logs_20110124.tar.gz” and send it to the root user’s Desktop folder:
  • cd /usr/local/crashplan
    tar czvf /root/Desktop/crashplan_logs_20110124.tar.gz ./log
  • To attach the logs to directly from the server, launch the web browser and browse to the CrashPlan Support website
  • To transfer the logs to your workstation for use as an email attachment or otherwise, log into the server via FTP and transfer the archive you just created