Which directories should I backup on my Eclipse servers?

The following directories contain the most critical files necessary to recover your Eclipse systems:

  • Database server (AIX, RHEL):
    • /u2 (contains your Eclipse database, UniVerse, JBoss and VSIFAX)
    • /snap/u2 (if using snapshots, this contains the same data as above, but frozen in time)
    • /etc (contains your operating system configuration files)
    • /home (contains your users’ home directories)
    • /usr/spool/uv (contains your legacy UniVerse printer configuration files)
  • Forms server (Windows):
    • C:\Program Files\EclipseForms (contains your Eclipse Forms software)
    • C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\EclipseForms (contains your Eclipse Forms configuration files)
  • Internet Gateway (IGATE) server (Windows):
    • All shared directories containing Eclipse web sites (ex IIS shared directories, etc.)
  • Imaging server (Windows):
    • All shared directories containing Eclipse file shares (ex image attachments, signature scans, etc.)

The UniVerse database must be stopped or suspended during backup to ensure data consistency. The standard Eclipse backup scripts have been modified to use snapshots to allow backups to take place on active systems.

While backing up the directories below should be minimally sufficient to recreate your system in the event of a disaster, backing up the entire system is always recommended when possible. By backing up the entire system, you protect against the loss of miscellaneous files or those inadvertently placed outside of their standard locations.