What are the Eclipse samba shares used for?

The Eclipse application uses the following samba shares to transfer files between Windows servers:

  • msg-out: this share is used to provide print jobs to the Eclipse Forms server
  • msg-in: this optional share can be used to deliver files to Eclipse from external data sources
  • CONV.DATA: this optional share is used by the data conversion tools when migrating data between ERP solutions
  • exports: this optional share is used by the “Windows Direct” companion product to allow users the ability to download access their reports from a mapped network drive

2 thoughts on “What are the Eclipse samba shares used for?”

    1. John,

      The “Windows Direct” companion product functions identically on both AIX and RHEL. From the OS side, all we do is create the /u2/exports share. The remaining configuration steps, including auth keys and folder creation, are performed via the Eclipse application. If you need further information, please create a service request and send it over to our applications team — they’ll be glad to walk you through the steps!



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