VSI-FAX Failure Codes

If you are experiencing troubles with outbound faxing, please refer to this table of the most common errors:

  • NODIAL: This means that the modem doesn’t “hear” a dial-tone. Hook an analog phone up to the modem’s fax line and make sure that you can place outgoing long-distance and local calls.
  • LINDRP or TMEOUT: These indicate that the fax started to go through, but couldn’t finish for some reason. You may also receive reports from your recipients of duplicate cover pages, garbles faxes and other similar symptoms. The first thing to check is that you’re using a modem on the recommended hardware list, because outdated modems typically have problems sending to newer fax hardware. If you are using a recommended modem, you should call your phone company and long-distance providers to have them check the line quality.

For more detail on the various fax status codes, please see Esker’s VSI-FAX Reference Addendum.