How Do I Restart System Admin on AIX?

If system.admin needs to be stopped or restarted, you can follow the steps below. System admin is the “master” phantom that kicks off all other phantoms and scheduled jobs.

Here is the correct procedure for restarting system admin:

  • Login to the AIX server as the “root” user.
  • Check the Status of system admin by running:
  • /u2/eclipse/modules/bin/
  • To Stop system admin:
  • /u2/eclipse/modules/bin/ -d systemadmin
  • Wait 10 seconds, then check the status by running:
  • /u2/eclipse/modules/bin/
  • To Start system admin:
  • /u2/eclipse/modules/bin/ -e systemadmin 
  • Check the status by running:
  • /u2/eclipse/modules/bin/