How do I delete old data off my AIX server?

There are two basic options:

Format (Simple, Less Secure Method)

Use the AIX format utility on each individual disk.

  • Run:
diag -T format
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to each disk in your database volume group.
  • Press ENTER to select each disk that needs to be formatted, and a “+” sign will indicate selection
    • NOTE: You cannot format the disks in your root volume group (OS), because those disks are currently active. (If you need to wipe all rootvg disks as well, you will need to reboot into rescue mode off a mksysb or AIX installation media.)
  • When all disks are selected, press F7 or ESC-7 to start formatting the disks.

Additional details about using the AIX diag commands can be found here:

Shred (Costly, More Secure Method)

Use a shredding company to physically destroy the disks. Here are some example companies that turned up in a Google search, but have not been verified by Epicor:

Do I need anti-virus software on my Linux server?

The Eclipse database server runs the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, not Microsoft Windows, the common target of virus attacks. As explained in this Red Hat knowledge base article, Red Hat does not consider viruses a threat to their Linux operating system. Rather than installing anti-virus software, Red Hat suggests implementing standard UNIX security “best practices” to secure the server, which Eclipse implements when configuring your Linux server. We also encourage our customers to enforce strong user password policies and keep their servers behind a firewall.

If your company’s security policies mandate the presence of additional anti-virus software, even on a Linux server, we recommend installing the free, open-source ClamAV software. If you choose to install anti-virus software, our standard 3rd party software policy applies: you are welcome to install and operate 3rd party software on the Eclipse server, but Eclipse will not certify or provide technical support for any of these software products, so you must obtain technical support from the vendor or elsewhere.

I am concerned about being PCI Compliant who can I speak to?

Element Payment Services, Inc. ( and Epicor have partnered in order to make sure customers are PCI compliant.  Leveraging Element’s Hosted Payments solution, users of the Eclipse software package can continue to offer their customers secure credit card processing without incurring annual costs associated with maintaining PA-DSS compliance.

If you have any questions around this it is recommended that you contact inside sales or open a service request.  You can open a service request online with systems support at