Can I adjust the number of no dial tone failures before VSI-FAX disables the modem?

Yes. You may adjust the number of nodials encountered before disabling the modems in the /u2/vsifax/lib/vsisrv.ini file, under the VFXSCHED section, by setting the max-no-dials value to something other than the default value of 3.


If you have further questions, please contact Esker directly.

Contact Esker for VSI-FAX and Fax on Demand Technical Support

There are a few different methods for contacting Esker for VSI-FAX and Fax on Demand technical support:
Please provide the following to speed up your support request:
  • Your VSI-FAX version
  • Your operating system release
  • A detailed description of your support request
  • Your complete contact information
  • Screenshots, screencasts and/or the zipped $VSIFAX/spool/logs directory

How do I add or change a VSI-FAX modem?

Identifying the Serial Port

Before adding or changing a modem, verify the port name.

On Linux, you can typically get a list of serial ports using:

ls -l /dev/tty*

On AIX, you can get a list of the serial ports using:

lsdev -Cc tty

Once you have identified the appropriate serial port, you may continue with adding or changing the modem(s) in VSI-FAX.

If you are having difficulty identifying the serial port device name(s), please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact your support provider.

Adding a New Modem

To add a modem, use the following command, where /dev/ttyACM1 is the new modem’s serial port, modem2 is the name we’d like to give the VSI-FAX modem, and fax1 is the name of the VSI-FAX modem pool and Eclipse fax device:

vfxadmin device -a -d -v /dev/ttyACM1 modem2
vfxadmin class -d -a modem2 fax1

To verify that the change is in place:

vfxstat -a

Modifying an Existing Modem

To change a modem’s port on either Linux or AIX, use the following command (where /dev/ttyD00 is the existing modem’s new serial port, and modem1 is the name of the VSI-FAX modem you’re updating):

vfxadmin device -u -v /dev/ttyD00 modem1

To verify that the change is in place:

vfxstat -a