How do I manage Linux print queues?

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To administer print jobs, first log into the server as root before running any of the following commands.

UniVerse Spooler Commands

  • To view the status of a UV print queue:
usa -p lp1
  • To enable a UV print queue:
usa +o -p lp1
  • To manually start the UV spooler:
cd /u2/uv
bin/usd /usr/spool/uv -t
    • To cancel print jobs from the UV Spooler:

For a specific job number:

usm -k 12345

For an entire queue:

usm -k -p lp1

Linux (CUPS) Spooler Commands

  • To view the status of all print queues:
lpc status
  • To check the status of a single print queue and view a list of pending jobs:
lpc status lp1
lpstat -P lp1
lpstat -plp1
  • To remove a single print job:
cancel lp1-1234
  • To remove all print jobs in a queue:
cancel -a lp1
  • To enable  a queue:
cupsenable lp1
  • To disable a queue:
cupsdisable lp1
  • To enable all queues:
lpstat -p | grep disabled | awk '{print $2}' | xargs cupsenable
  • To print a test job:
echo test | lpr -P lp1
  • To restart/refresh the cups service:
service cups restart


2 thoughts on “How do I manage Linux print queues?”

  1. I’m looking for instructions as to how to determine the job # so you can cancel one at a time…..

    1. Chris,

      You may use the “lpstat” command to view a list of all print jobs on the server, or the “lpstat -P lp1” command to view the list of jobs on lp1.



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