How do I check the status of my EVault backup?

To manually check the status of your EVault backup:

  • If it’s not already installed, download and install the EVault CentralControl client from EVault’s support website or using this direct link.
  • If you’re using CentralControl for the first time, you’ll need to add connections to each server being backed up by EVault:
    • File -> New Agent
    • Fill in the Description, Network address, and root/Administrator user name and password fields
    • Press OK
  • Click the “+” sign next to the server you wish to check to expand and display the backup job(s)
  • Click the “+” sign next to the backup job you wish to check to expand and display the Logs folder
  • Select the Logs folder and double-click the most recent log to display the log. A successful backup will have no errors with output similar to the following:
06-Sep 21:03 SSET-I-04131 disconnect from the Vault at 06-Sep-2010 21:03:24 -0700
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00001 errors encountered:                        0
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00002 warnings encountered:                      0
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00003 files/directories examined:                280,340
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00004 files/directories filtered:                0
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00006 files/directories deferred:                0
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00007 files/directories backed-up:               280,340
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00008 files backed-up:                           267,837
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00009 directories backed-up:                     12,503
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00010 data stream bytes processed:               14,782,268,676 (13.76 GB)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00011 all stream bytes processed:                14,782,268,676 (13.76 GB)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00012 pre-delta bytes processed:                 651,912,316 (621.71 MB)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00013 deltized bytes processed:                  118,090,710 (112.62 MB)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00014 compressed bytes processed:                34,164,618 (32.58 MB)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00015 approximate bytes deferred:                0 (0 bytes)
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00016 reconnections on recv fail:                0
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-00017 reconnections on send fail:                0
06-Sep 21:03 SYST-I-07035 send e-mail: OK
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-04128 job completed at 06-Sep-2010 21:03:26 -0700
06-Sep 21:03 BKUP-I-04129 elapsed time 00:03:11

Here’s a screencast showing an overview of the process: