AIX Printer Setup

NOTE: The instructions below are for configuring a new printer for “traditional” or “legacy” printing on an AIX server, not for printing via Eclipse Forms.

To view a step-by-step screencast of this process, click here.

In each of the steps below, substitute your printer’s IP address and new “lp” number.

Add an entry for the printer’s hostname and IP address to the /etc/hosts file:

echo "	lp1" >> /etc/hosts

Add an AIX print queue:

/usr/lib/lpd/pio/etc/piomisc_ext mkpq_remote_ext  -q 'lp1' -h 'lp1' -r 'lp1' -t 'aix' -T '999' -C 'FALSE'

Add the UniVerse driver file:

echo "lp -dlp1" > /usr/spool/uv/
chmod 777 /usr/spool/uv/

Add the UV print queue:

cd /u2/uv

Select Spooler -> Device -> Maintain Devices
Use ENTER to advance, selecting all defaults unless otherwise specified.

  • Name = LP1 (shows all caps)
  • Path = /dev/null
  • Driver = (ignore error)
  • Lock = lock.lp1

Press ESC -> Q -> ENTER to exit

Launch Eterm and log into Eclipse to setup the Eclipse print queue
Select F2 -> F -> P -> A (Assign Printer)

  • Printer/Fax = new
  • Name = 1 (# from lp#)
  • Type = (press F10 to select)
  • ESC to apply and exit
  • L (Location Maintenance)
  • Location = NEW
  • Name = HERE
  • Ship Ticket Branch = (blank)
  • Physical Branch = (blank)
  • Printer = 1 (number of printer)
  • ESC to apply and exit