Will Eclipse run on a Linux workstation?

Eclipse does not support Linux in the desktop environment. For detailed workstation requirements, see our Workstation compatibility page.

Solar will install and run on a Linux desktop with the appropriate version of Java installed, however there are a number of known issues:

  • Local printing is not supported
  • Companion applications are not supported (signature capture, document indexer, manifest processor, etc.)

Eterm will not run on Linux.

3 thoughts on “Will Eclipse run on a Linux workstation?”

    1. Eli,

      I am not aware of anything planned in the immediate future, but I have forwarded your request to Product Management.



  1. Solar Eclipse has basic functionality in Linux and works well. Parts of the application that were developed in Java work well and I recommend that you use the correct JRE version for your release. Use the Java version from Oracle (formerly Sun) and not IceTea Java. Depending on which Linux distrobution you are using IceTea maybe installed on setup.

    Parts of Solar that are developed with Microsoft languages will not work on Linux, but could be ported using Wine.

    I have installed eterm using Wine and it seems to work well.

    As stated above, companion products do not work. Although, you can view document and signature images.

    I have installed and tested on both Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04.

    I hope this is helpful!

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