Which Linux distributions does Eclipse support?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the largest, most widely supported enterprise-class Linux operating system in the business. More importantly, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the only Linux operating system supported by all of the 3rd product vendors used by the Eclipse platform, including the UniVerse database and Esker VSIFAX fax server software.

If you plan on subscribing to our Linux Technical Support service, you are required to use RHEL and have an active support subscription in place with Red Hat for your production server(s).

For non-production servers, you may use CentOS, which is a popular, free derivative or “clone” of RHEL. For Eclipse purposes, it’s functionally identical, but you won’t have access to the OS vendor for technical support.

We have always allowed our customers to run our software on alternate platforms (e.g. HPUX), but in most cases it’s not worth the additional time and energy. Eclipse does not support any hardware or software platform not listed on our Hardware Compatibility List.