Why are there so many J2EE phantoms running?

The connection pool of J2EE phantoms is automatically sized based on the number of UV licenses you have available on your server. The default setting is sized based on the number of connections that works best for a Solar customer.

If you are not a full Solar customer, or if do not wish to open as many connections, you may manually set the minimum and maximum number of connection pool J2EE phantoms.

The connection pool parameters are stored in $ACCOUNT_HOME/modules-conf/solar-jca.properties:

# The following settings control the size of the connection pool (min & max).
# If you don't specify a min or a max, the connection pool is automatically
# sized based on the number of UV licenses for the server.  This is good because
# we don't have to remember to change this file as the customer grows.  However,
# you probably want to restrict the connection pool size by setting the min and
# max for training/play accounts.
# The default for the min is 15% of the UV licenses.  The default for the max
# is the number of UV licenses - 5 (-5 if they have WOE) (-5 if they have
# BC:XML).  For example, 100 UV licenses and no companions: max of 95.  100 UV
# licenses and BC:XML: max of 90.

If you wish to change these parameters, the syntax is as follows:


You must restart JBoss for the new settings to take effect.