To install the VMware vSphere Client on a new Windows workstation for administering your virtual servers:

  • Open a web browser
  • Browse to your VMware server’s IP address. For example, if your server’s IP address is, open:
  • Click the Download vSphere Client link

3 thoughts on “Printers”

  1. Thank you! My work mate and I spent days searching the VMware website for the download to the vSphere executable and couldn’t find any useful information. This was a huge help!

    So, though the vSphere client is ‘free’, you must install and log into either the hypervisor or ESX to actually get to the client.

  2. This post is not answering my question. Can you please just post the download url to the free vSphere Client ?

    I beginning to hate VMWare. VMWare Fushion is cool. But on the Server it starts to make more and more problems.

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