What is the typical directory structure of an Eclipse database server?

A typical Eclipse database server running AIX or Linux contains the following important directories:

  • /u2: base directory for Eclipse installation
    • /u2/eclipse: Eclipse database
      • /u2/eclipse/modules: contains the JBoss application server and SYSTEM.ADMIN utility
      • /u2/eclipse/ereports: default location of Eclipse Reports temp space and archives
    • /u2/pdw: PDW database files
    • /u2/vsifax: VSIFAX installation
      • /u2/vsifax/lib: VSIFAX configuration files
      • /u2/vsifax/spool/logs: VSIFAX log files for troubleshooting purposes
    • /u2/uv: UniVerse database
    • /u2/unishared: UniVerse database shared files
    • /u2/uvinstall: UniVerse database installation files
    • /u2/uvtmp: UniVerse database temp space
    • /u2/UTILS: miscellaneous Eclipse utilities external to the core application
  • /usr/spool/uv: UniVerse spooler temp space, configuration and driver files