Transfer Dell Ownership

Congratulations on your new Dell Server! We at Epicor would like to thank you for your business and want to make sure you have no issues getting your Dell product serviced should the need ever arise. This guide provides step by step instructions to transfer ownership of your new Dell system from Epicor to you, the new owner. Service tag ownership of personal computers may also apply if you have purchased our Dell-branded point of sale, or workstation.

Go to

At the bottom, enter the service tag number for the system, and click Continue.

Transfer 1

On Previous Owner information screen, enter Epicor as Company Name and zip code 78744. You can also find this information on the server box shipping label. No other information is required. At the bottom, click continue to be taken to the new owner page.

Transfer 2

Only red asterisk information is required, the more details you can provide here the easier it is for Dell to complete the transfer. Once the continue button is clicked, this will initiate the change of ownership process after a final review is performed.

Transfer 3

Dell currently has a 10-15 day period for transferring the information. However, if you need assistance before this is completed, you will only need to provide the service technician with the Previous Owner Company name and zip code and let them know a transfer of ownership has already been entered.