Configuring Fax on Demand

The VSI-FAX server installation program automatically installs the Fax on Demand Connector and creates a fax destination called FoDC for you. This is the destination that should be used for sending fax jobs to the Esker Fax on Demand server.

To be able to fax through Esker on Demand, you simply need to enter the following connection information you should have received via email when subscribing to the service:

  • Account ID
  • Password

To configure the connector:

vfxadmin config -a -i FODC DEVICE hostname
vfxadmin config -a -i FODC DEVICE accountid 00012345
vfxadmin config -a -e -i FODC DEVICE password WwVEbyrp

To enable the connector:

vfxadmin enable fodc

If you are migrating from a VSI-FAX configuration that used modems, you’ll need to remove the existing default fax1 class and replace it with a new one containing only fodc:

vfxadmin class -d -a fodc temp
vfxadmin class -x fax1
vfxadmin class -d -a fodc fax1
vfxadmin class -x temp

If you are not using modems, and this is your first time configuring VSI-FAX, all you need to do is create a “class” called “fax1” and add the device “fodc” to the fax1 class:

vfxadmin class -d -a fodc fax1

When the connector has been configured and set as the default destination, you are ready to fax via Fax on Demand.

Esker’s service requires 10-digit dialing, so you should verify that Eclipse is configured to use 10-digit dialing rather than 7-digit dialing: F2 -> P -> A -> Fax -> ALT-F

Testing the Fax on Demand Connector

To send a test fax via FoDC:

vfx -n +5087788384 -d FoDC /etc/hosts

To check the status (where 1013 is the fax job number output from the previous command):

vfxstat 1013