RHEL7 installation guide for eclipse

Operating System Installation

  • Boot from RHEL 7 media
  • Select “Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0” and press enter
  • At the Welcome screen, select Continue
  • At the Installation Summary screen (http://cl.ly/image/0R2p1b2H2A0S)
  • Select Root Password
    • Set the password and confirm it
    • Select Done twice
  • When the installation has completed, select Reboot (http://cl.ly/image/3t3D423n1B2p0
  • At the Initial Setup screen, select License Information
    • Select “I accept the license agreement”
    • Select Done
  • Select Finish Configuration
    • At the Kdump screen, select Forward
    • At the Subscription screen, select “No, I prefer to register at a later time”
    • Select Finish