How do I manually restart JBoss on Linux?

Basic Restart Procedure

Log into the server as root and run the following command

service eclipse-jboss restart

The application server will immediately begin the restart procedure, and it should be back up and running within 2-3 minutes on most servers.

Extended Restart Procedure

If the application server crashes, and attempts to restart it using the basic restart procedure above, or at the direction of Eclipse support, please follow this procedure as root to perform an extended, clean restart of JBoss:

  • Stop the JBoss service:
service eclipse-jboss stop
  • Kill any errant JBoss processes:
pkill -9 -f jboss
  • Kill any errant J2EE (connection pool) phantoms on the database server:
  • (Optional) Backup logs for diagnosis (releases 8.7.2 and below):
cd /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/server/eclipse
tar czvf /esupport/jboss.logs.`date +%Y%m%d.%H%M%S`.tar.gz ./log
  • (Optional) Backup logs for diagnosis (releases 8.7.3 and above):
cd /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/eclipse
tar czvf /esupport/jboss.logs.`date +%Y%m%d.%H%M%S`.tar.gz ./log
  • Remove JBoss temporary directories (releases 8.7.2 and below):
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/server/eclipse/tmp
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/server/eclipse/log
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/server/eclipse/data
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/server/eclipse/work
  • Remove JBoss temporary directories (release 8.7.3 and above):
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/eclipse/tmp
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/eclipse/log
rm -rf /u2/eclipse/modules/jboss/eclipse/data
  • Remove the CONNECTED.APP.SERVERS control record:
cd /u2/eclipse
ed control
  • Start the JBoss service:
service eclipse-jboss start

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    1. You could always bring it back to your system with an alias:

      alias jbkill=’/etc/init.d/eclipse-jboss halt; /etc/init.d/eclipse-jboss restart’

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