Okidata Printer Trouble-shooting

Factory Reset
With the printer off, hold FF/LOAD + TEAR then power the printer on.

Menu Reset
With the printer off, hold SELECT + LF then power the printer on.

Print Menu Settings
Enter menu mode by holding down SHIFT, then pressing SEL. Menu Light will go on.
(Press the PRINT key to Print the Configuration Page, if needed.)

GROUP: Prints the First Line in each Group in the Menu. (Press Group mult times to find emulation, etc)
ITEM: Prints next Item in the Group. (Usually press once to get to emulation)
SET: Prints next Setting for an Item in the Group. (To change a value)
PRINT: Prints Menu Settings or With the SHIFT key, prints current settings for the Group selected.
MENU: Light is ON when the printer is in the Menu Mode. Press Shift/Select (see Step One) to turn Menu Light off.

Tips & Tricks

  • Form Tear Off is in the “Rear Feed” group (typical setting is 500 ms)
  • Emulation Mode for Oki’s is usually ML or Epson FX (IBM PPR for Troy Pocket Pro)(For D-Link, try all 3).
  • To print a config page on an Oki with an internal print server, press the test button on the NIC with a paperclip

(For additional support, you may contact Oki Support at 800-654-3282 or use this link: http://my.okidata.com/)