Manual Procedure for Uploading Logos

Is there a workaround for failed incoming faxes?

If your server cannot receive incoming faxes, you manually create the .tif file for use with Eclipse as an append document or logo.

If you need help getting the file to your server, see How to transfer files using FTP.

It is best to use eterm or Putty to telnet to the server as the “root” user.

  • Determine the correct directory for incoming faxes:
echo $VSIFAX/faxq/vsifax
  • Use an FTP client of your choice (ex FileZilla) to transfer a PDF image to the directory indicated above
  • Convert the PDF to TIF, where test.pdf is the source file and 123.tif is the destination file:
cd $VSIFAX/faxq/vsifax
vfx -o 123.tif test.pdf
chown vsifax:vsifax 123.tif
  • Check the incoming fax queue in Eclipse (F2,P,I)
The destination file name must be a unique number (ie: 123.tif, 45678.tif, etc.)