How Do I use FTP to transfer files?

Below is an example of using ftp.

You can use graphical tools to help you transfer files such as:


If you are not using a graphical tool, you can use ftp from the command line.

Steps to FTP from the command line:

1. Get to the command line. From Eclipse, you may be able to shell out (F2/T, then type “sh”). (In Windows it is Start, Run, type in cmd, press enter)
2. Navigate to the desired directory. (The “cd” command will change directories)
3. Type in “ftp <ip.address>” (where ip.address is the IP address of the server that you want to transfer files to/from. (Example: ftp You can also use the command “ftp <servername>” where servername is the name of the server that you want to transfer files to/from.
4. You will be prompted for a username and password.  Enter the appropriate credentials.  If you don’t have them, see your system administrator.
5.  Unless you are transferring a plain text file, type “bin” <enter> for binary mode.
6. Navigate to the desired directory using the “cd” command.
7. The command “put <filename>” can be used to send a file from your local machine to the remote one. (Example: put test.pdf)
8. The command “get <filename>” can be used to get a file from the remote machine to your local machine. (Example: get test.pdf)
9. When you are done, type “quit” and press enter.