How do the Solar and Eterm clients communicate with the server?

The Eterm (TUI) client communicates with the UniVerse database server via the telnet protocol (TCP port 23). It uses a proprietary implementation of the ViewPoint terminal type to offer additional features in Eclipse (send/receive files, drag/drop, hyperlinks, etc.).

The Solar (GUI) client communicates with the JBoss application server via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols (default TCP ports 2080 and 2443). It is deployed using Java Web Start.

In both cases, the business logic is performed on the database and application servers, not in the client installed on each workstation.

3 thoughts on “How do the Solar and Eterm clients communicate with the server?”

  1. So would a standard VT100 or 220 client work if it could provide an answer back, or is the whole communication different. do you know of a generic client that will work with Wince or WM based pda’s

  2. I’m looking to attach a handheld terminal to the Eclipse server. I have a Viewpoint terminal emulator, but was wondering which variant of Viewpoint I need. The Handheld doesn’t need the send/receive files features, but just the basics? I noticed it sends a terminal ID, is there a syntax for how to send this

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