How do I update the firmware on my AIX server?

We recommend using the IBM Fix Level Recommendation Tool to determine which level(s) of firmware needs to be installed, and in which order the updates are applied.

Please refer to the documentation included with each firmware release for important notes and installation instructions.

If you have any questions regarding which updates are recommended, the order by which to install the updates, or how to install the updates, please call IBM directly at 800-IBM-SERV.

For your convenience, here are general installation instructions:

  • Downloaded the latest firmware for your system from IBM Fix Central (.rpm file) to the /tmp/fwupdate directory
  • Review the README for prerequisites and warnings
  • Extract the firmware package:
rpm -Uvh --ignoreos /tmp/fwupdate/*.rpm
  • Update the firmware:
/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/update_flash -f fwlevel
  • During the server firmware installation process, reference codes CA2799FD and CA2799FF are alternately displayed on the control panel. After the installation is complete, the system is automatically powered off and powered on.
  • Once the firmware update is complete and verified working and before proceeding with any further firmware updates, use the AIX diagnostics tools to commit the firmware. At an AIX command prompt, type the following:
/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/update_flash -c
  • The update_flash -c command might run for 10 or more minutes.